Kami Miner x Trainer+

Unlock the full potential of your volleyball practice with Trainer+, the highest-rated and most versatile training tool on the market. Designed for players of all levels, Trainer+ will help improve your accuracy as the perfect setting and passing drill tool. Enhance your training, no matter where you practice – click to explore the Trainer+ and revolutionize your volleyball training!



The Trainer+ Volleyball Target is customizable for any drill, age, and skill level. You can change out the headframe with hoop variations, tempo attachment, and even our multi-sport jump training tool, the Vertec. Once you pick out your attachment, you can adjust the height to your needs and adjust the hoops in depth. The Trainer+ hoops are used for not only setting drills, but passing drills too. Target practice will increase accuracy and consistency while improving form and stamina.


The Sports Imports Team understands volleyball training can take up space so we designed the Trainer+ to break down and fit in your garage for storage and car for taking it anywhere. Want to train at the gym or park rather than your driveway or backyard? You can do that with this volleyball training target.


The Trainer+ was recommended by coaches and we responded. Our team manufactured the product and tested it with the best coaches in the industry. Today, it’s built in Ohio and shipped to you from our home warehouse. We quality-check it for you and offer direct assistance, when you call us, you talk to a person immediately. We also offer instructional docs and training drills for you and your team. Trust the experts, trust SI.

Train at-home

Are you ready for the off-season? Kami Miner has you covered. Sports Imports partnered with Kami to give you free solo drills with no court, volleyball net, or team needed.

The Trainer+ Volleyball Target is a reliable training tool used by Notre Dame, University of Tampa, More than Wins Volleyball, and high school programs across the nation. If you’re ready to train, click below to fill out a form and you will be emailed the full step-by-step drills to use with the Trainer+ and Vertec.